WordPress vs Blogger

Oh and how about that Tumblr :). Being a tool junky with commitment issues is really holding me back from saying anything. I continue to struggle with my current perception that WordPress is slicker, but Blogger is populated with the nerds (sorry “sharp people”) that I’m interested in following, and is certainly good enough.

I just took a quick whirl through Tumblr again, and it it is slick. If I was posting video of my kids or was a college art student I might give it a shot, but I’m really interested in sharing and accumulating information and it doesn’t seem to add anything in those areas.

And this is a slick editor. I keep being impressed with WordPress’s production qualities vs. Blogger. I’m thinking I’m ready to commit. I know I won’t be in the right circles, but I’m sure their are about a thousand technical solutions to easily following blogs on multiple networks (RSS Readers and Plus come to mind)

So there, this will be my vehicle of choice for a bit. I’ve gone ahead and themed it…Titan…I just had to pick it for reasons only of interest to only few.